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In loving memory

Terra Viva would not be here today if it wasn’t for the many sacrifices that me and my wife Christina did together when everything started.

The following is how she described me in the introduction of our 2006 Catalog:

If you know Terra Viva, then you must know my husband Carlo, the two things go together!

In June 1999 he started thinking of opening his own marble and tile factory, after being a successful representative for several years in the USA market for Italian marble and tiles.

Three months later Terra Viva was incorporated, one month more it was up and running.

Carlo never stays in one place, he is always going somewhere or is coming from somewhere.

He has enough frequent flyer miles to fly a football team and owns gold and platinum memberships of all major hotels chains world wide.

He does not sleep much, he goes to bed when his body can’t take it anymore, basically he passes out more than going to sleep. Sometimes, he wakes up in the middle of the night, runs to his desk, grabs a pencil and start drawing tile designs, if he dreams when he rests, he dreams tiles!

He always stays at the same hotels, Crowne Plaza Time Square in N.Y., Hilton Chicago on Michigan Ave., Hotel de Buci in Paris. When he can, he gets the same room.

He always goes to the same restaurants, looks for the same waiter, eats the same food at the same table and then instead of ordering he just smiles at his waiter, of course.... they always know what he wants!

When I ask him: “why don’t you like variety? After all that’s the fun part about traveling”, he says... “I do it because in doing this I kind of recreate home, a familiar environment everywhere I am”, “but then Carlo, why don’t you travel less and stay at home more often if you miss it so much” and then he answers, “because this is my job!”

I respect that, he loves his job more than anything else, I believe he was born for tiles as Mc Enroe was born for tennis!

You will find in him someone who is committed to perform, someone that has knowledge and passion, someone that will get the job done, always.

I thought it would be nice for you to know the man I love the way I do, who he is, what he does, the unique way he does it.

If you happen to be meeting with him today, please make sure he is going to catch his flight on time, he might be coming home.

Thank you, Christina Johnson Menichini

( Christina Johnson Menichini - September 1978 – April 2017.)

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